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Aim for the moon.
        Even if you miss, you`ll be still among the stars.
                                                  (W. Clement Stone)

Our mission is to deliver to our partners and clients customized business solutions to expand or start up their activities on East Asia or Central EU market.

We work with the professionals who have challanged in their own succesfull businesses either in Asia, Europe or both. 
SERVICES                                                                                                                                            .

Consultancy on Your business plan, setting up the STRATEGY
- use our consulting services in order to safe a fortune on your wrong investment. Model situation created out of the experiences we have will predict major investment risks, solve the difficult situations you might face, find your strength and set up the effective processes that will make your business profitable. The standard operations in the business plan include: market survey, definition of the product on the market - positioning, SWAT analysis, financial plan, marketing plan, operations, process definition etc..

Legal services
- there is no business without negotiations and written contract, necessary licenses, apporvement from the gov. authorities etc. Combination os the attorney who understand the local regulations and us, who inderstand the business will bring you the value of the simple solution in abeyance with the local regulations and law. In case of any troubles You will appreciate experienced lowyer You could trust to.

Business matching
- your life will get a way easier with reliable suppliers and partners. Your business will become possible having first clients before you make your first investment decision. 

Other complementary services
- anything we may help with, including search for a suitable warehouse, FDI advantages negotiations, special requests ... the point is the satisfaction.

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  • AICO Tours, travel agency.
  • SPACE Labs, Alcohol Killer beverages.
  • Embassy of the Slovak republic in Japan.
  • D1 Outlet, IPEC